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fat chris jumping like marioI'm Chris, a normal guy just like you, who wants to help you lose weight, get fit, regain energy and learn how to live a healthy active life.

I was overweight for several years from my late thirties through age forty-two, even while I participated in karate classes three times a week. My wife says I'm not fat now, but I still enjoy a juicy cheeseburger and salty fries, and an occasional creamy apple pie milkshake.

So how did I lose 66 pounds in only 108 days?

First, I stopped eating burgers, fries & milkshakes on a regular basis. I became more disciplined in my diet and increased my daily exercise routine. After researching diets & the science of exercise, I developed a simple weight loss process and a high intensity exercise regimen that worked for me.

I found a way to successfully lose weight by following some basic principles. Read my book for all the details.

How did I start my journey?

fit chris ohio spartan beast finishMy journey back to fitness started at the iconic moment standing on the scale at the doctor's office when it hit me. In Fall 2014, I weighed 272 pounds. Even though my wife cooked fairly healthy and I took karate classes at least 3 times a week, I was still very much out of shape and overweight. At that moment I realized I was fooling myself. I wasn't close to being healthy, but I thought I was...

My entire journey and new fitness passion is covered in detail in my book, 66 pounds in 108 days. It is the story of how a normal fat guy, like most middle age men, lost weight and got in shape. The book is about my journey, what I did, what I learned and most importantly how I changed my life and you can too.

66 Pounds in 108 Days
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Weight Loss

  • Shed Pounds
  • Shed Fat
  • Feel Better


  • Move More
  • Build Muscle
  • Feel Better


  • Get Fit
  • Get Stronger
  • Get Energy

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